Solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT)
Mobile Proximity Solutions using Wireless Names

Innovative solutions for the Internet of Things Wireless Name

Proximal Apps
CommunIOTy     UbiNames Chat App     IOT Chat     HyperLocal Chat     Proximal Apps    

Proximal Brands (Domain Names For Sale)
Approxial Brand     Branded Beacon     Branded Signals     Proximal Connections     Proxial     Roximal    

Proximal Education
Proximal Classroom     Proximal Kids     Proximal Learning     Proximal Math     Proximal Study    

Proximal Games
BxNGO     CONNxCTIONS     CRWxD     CRxWD     Proximal Games     Proximal Words     QUxST    

Wireless Domain Names
Contextual WiFi Signals     Trusted WiFi     unIOTy     Wireless Domains    

Proximal Technologies
Proximal API    

Social Proximity and Dating
Proximal Date     Proximal Dates     Proximal Dating     Proximal Match     Proximal Messenger     Proximity Match and Date     Ubiquitous Match    

Proximity Network

Proximal Domain Categories ...
Internet of Things   Proximal Advertising   Proximal Apps   Proximal Brands (Domain Names For Sale)   Beacons   Proximal (Local) Shopping   Directories   Proximal Marketing   Proximal Education   Proximal Games   Proximal Solutions   Proximal Resources   Proximal Names   Wireless Domain Names   Proximal Technologies   Social Proximity and Dating   Proximity Network  

Internet of Things Articles
IOT Explained     WiFi Choice for the IOT    

Proximity Sites

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The Wireless Registry
Take Control of Your Wireless Identity ™
IOT Visualization by SAP
IOT Exposed (Daily IOT News)

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